Monday, January 12, 2009

I know why they call it the "Crackberry"

So I was at a meeting this morning for my graduate assistantship. It was the second in a series put on in part by the city of Indianapolis and INHP (Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership) to decide what to do with 29 million dollars that the city has been given by the federal government to help with the foreclosure problem.

Aaaanyway, I don't want to get bogged down in the technicalities of WHAT I was at, the point is that a lot of movers and shakers in urban planning/housing/redevelopment were at the meeting. But you would think it was a class of 17 year old high school seniors! It looked like everyone was texting, and not paying attention to a damn thing that was being said.

In reality, they were all probably working while at this meeting, rather than being 100% devoted to the meeting. Almost *everyone* was on their Blackberries, emailing the whole time. I counted, and at one point 10 of the 30 some attendants were typing on their Blackberries all at once.

Just made me think about what a place we are in our we can be reached at any moment by anyone. It's crazy. Does anyone remember what life before cell phones and the internet was like? I'm sure they do (especially since these people were all MUCH older than me.) But it definitely makes me understand why movies like Eagle Eye come about...

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  1. Crackberry? Really? I've never heard this. I think you've made it up.


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