Monday, February 2, 2009

What Superbowl Ads Taught Me...

1) As a woman, it's just best for me to shut the hell up. Thanks, Mr. Potato Head and Bridgestone tires!
2) As a man, your first priority is ripping a sexy woman's clothes off, followed closely by getting tons of money, and destroying authority. Thanks, Doritos!
3) Another important thing for men includes watching Danica Patrick shower 6 times, and hey, for fun, throw in another woman. Thanks,!
4) There could be a court hearing prosecuting women for having ridiculously large implants. In this hearing, Danica Patrick will admit to the accusation of enhancements, but only on her website! And a random bimbo will partially take off her top. Thanks again,!
5) Danica Patrick is the biggest tool.
6) Misogyny is funny and cool and must be REALLY effective in selling tires, chips, and domain space, right?


  1. I agree totally that Danica is a tool...but what do we do when she's actually racing? Because I do want the woman to win!

  2. Good question, and a tough one too. Because part of me wants her to represent, but part of me feels the way I felt about Sarah Palin...Sometimes a win for one woman isn't a win for all women. Danica plays the game, and she's exactly what men want from her...But she's also one tough chick. I dunno...


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