Monday, March 30, 2009

A few random thoughts...

  1. I like the contributor style of this here blog. Now if only I had more feminist friends to contribute...We could have a regular feminist dialogue going on here! Myranda and I can only do so much.
  2. On the same note, I wish we had female readers... and more readers in general.
  3. Myranda and I are actually attempting to write a book together. At some point. Not a whole lot has been done on that front yet...
  4. Some shows/movies I've seen recently have had some strong gender/sexuality themes, but I'm not sure how to approach them in some form of a cohesive blog.


  1. Yeah I think the contributor style works for this. Hell, I'm thinking of bringing someone in for my blog but the only guy I can trust with some good insights and reviews is too busy to do it.

    And for point 4, do what I do in my blogs when I do something kinda similar.

  2. i could write a book alone on i love you, man...with all of its gendertyping and heterotyping (just made that word up)

    funny movie...dont get me wrong...just incorporated so many stereotypes that we hardly even think about...just laugh at

  3. and totally working on the reading like crazy to be sure we dont reinvent the wheel

  4. There was an interesting (but small) lesbian subplot in Sunshine Cleaning that I want to talk was the only thing in that movie that I really wanted to end up differently.

  5. How's the book coming along? (Yeah, I want to read ALL of this blog, so I miss nothing...)

    1. Yeah, that never happened. We live 1100 miles apart now, too :-/


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