Monday, April 6, 2009

Here's What's Wrong with Using Out-of-Date Materials in the Classroom...

One of my professors is the sort who is caught in a rut of teaching the same class for 20 years. He uses cases and example material from 1980-1990. This time the topic is about crisis management for nonprofit managers who have to speak to the media.

And one of the (many) downfalls of being 20 years out of date is that every now and then you get something like this...

"On the air: wear solid dark clothes. Blue shirts and subtle ties look best for men. Women should wear heavier make-up than usual for studio interviews to avoid the 'ghosting' effect of bright lights."

So what's wrong with this?
1) It presumes that ALL women wear SOME form of make-up. ("Heavier than usual" means there's usually make-up there.)
2) It rests on the assumption that men and women's appearances should be dealt with differently in the media.
3) It reinforces the idea that women are *supposed* to be attractive if they wish to be taken seriously. (There's no worry about men's "ghosting"under bright lights. If men looked bad, that's ok...they'd still be taken seriously for their words.)


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