Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss California USA vs. Gay

I've been watching this whole Perez Hilton vs. Miss California USA debacle ever since Brittany mentioned it in a tweet. It's very interesting, and I think Perez has continuously stated his case well again and again. (I've watched him on MSNBC, Larry King Live, and the Today show now.) I just finally caught Miss California USA on the Today show, and she reminded me one of the biggest things that I just can't understand about anti-gay marriage people.

If you believe that marriage between a woman and a woman or a man and a man is wrong, then just don't have one! I know that a really subtle and obvious point, but it boggles my mind. I just can't see why people want to oppress this moral/religious based belief upon others. It's in the same vein as how I feel about abortion. (Now I'm treading on dangerous territory here, because gay marriage and abortion are nowhere near comparable in my mind, but if we're playing the whole Christian Right game, then we would say that all "sins" are equal.) Having laid out that disclaimer, if you're in this mindset...then just don't participate in the things you think are wrong! I mean, adultery isn't illegal, and it's in the freaking 10 commandments...and yet we feel no need to police that anymore.

At least with abortion though, I can cognitively process the Biblical thoughts on it. The Bible is so clouded about homosexuality. It's one of those things that is distorted and manipulated, and subject to translation.

And in all reality...it's a victimless "sin." Do the two married women next door to you make your marriage any less sacred? Only if your marriage was a joke in the first place, honestly. If you are a strong person who knows who you are and you are in a strong marriage based on love, then nothing that anyone else EVER does can change that. Why should you be threatened by someone else's love?

That's what it all comes down to...love. God is love...so, how can love be wrong or evil?

Of course, I'd love to go off on a tangent now about pageants in general...(Isn't it weird that I was in one once...) but now I gotta get ready for work! I'm already going to be late.

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