Thursday, December 24, 2009

1,000 Kudos to the Knowles-Carter Family

So yesterday I read a report that Jay Z and Beyonce will be known as Beyonce and Shawn Knowles-Carter.

How awesome is that?! Not only does their celebrity bring more attention to the prevalence of couples choosing nontraditional names for their family, but Jay Z is also a particularly interesting case. He is one of the most prominent men in an extremely male dominated and frequently misogynistic industry (hip hop). This choice highlights his respect for Beyonce as a person. I mean, come on...her name comes first!

I don't know anything about the egalitarianism of their relationship...but if I had to use this as an indication, I'd say they're probably in pretty good shape.

I really hope young people can take their lead as an example. Of course, if this story was half as covered as Tiger Woods or Jon and Kate's divorces, then maybe it wouldn't be so hard for the girls I've worked with to accept that I didn't take my husband's name.


  1. ummmmm i didn't know you guys have a blog! awesome. i have one too, but i almost never use it, it's just so i can comment on my prof's blog.
    anyway. now i can read your deep thoughts, too. happy christmas!!

  2. Yeah, we're pretty much awesome. FOLLOW US :)

    Merry Christmas to ya too.


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