Thursday, July 15, 2010

Billi and Theodore on Kickstarter

This is not my usual discussion of feminism in the world. It's a shameless plug. But this is my blog. So deal.

As 99.99% of my readers know, my life mate is an independent filmmaker. Hence the move to Austin. In an effort to get his first FUNDED project off the ground, he's put it on Kickstarter. I really REALLY want this for here are the...

Top 10 reasons I think you should donate to Billi and Theodore on Kickstarter, from a (totally biased) feminist's perspective.

10) Billi and Theodore is as grassroots as grassroots efforts can get. If you're a "buy local" "support local art" kind of person, this project is for you.
9) Billi is a bad ass female character. She is creative, loyal, independent, free spirited, and queer. Yet, she is not defined by her sexuality alone. She's all around non stereotypical, and inspired by one of my favorite real life lesbian feminists.
8) Theodore is a positive male character. I see him as an honest depiction of a much more realistic and modern vision of masculinity...maybe because he is in many ways like the director, and...
7) The director is a feminist.
6) The story confronts some very real issues but in a very realatable way: homophobia, hate crimes, traumatic losses, and domestic violence. (Vague, as I'm trying not to have spoilers here.)
5) Billi and Theodore's relationship is genuine and fresh. They are a man and a woman who are best friends sharing an authentic relationship without the same old tired story of one of them being hopelessly in love with the other. Or them sleeping together. Or them wanting to sleep together. Those of us in the real world know that platonic male/female friendships can and do exist...has anyone told Hollywood?
4) It's funny! It's really funny. If there's one feminist stereotype I agree with the least it's the humorless feminist. B&T serves as a counter to this stereotype.
3) It's not a "gendered" movie that tries shamelessly to appeal narrowly to either men OR women through stereotypes about what genders are "supposed to" like.
2) It has creative and dedicated people behind it, from the leads to the composer. (And I'm sure you can guess how I feel about the director.)
1) It's a hilarious, heartfelt movie deserving of resources and attention presenting a unique story that will otherwise not be told.

So, please give!

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