Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Love/Hate Relationship with Breast Cancer Awareness

Here's the deal. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. COOL! What an important women's issue to make sure we bring attention to, right?

Of course. I mean, for the end of 2009 and the better part of 2010 my mom was battling breast cancer. She is young, relatively healthy, optimistic woman who did win the battle. She's been cancer free for 3 months and I'm so happy to report that. So I have obviously seen the affect that breast cancer can have on a women and a family. I get it. I do, I truly do. So this is the love side of how I feel about raising breast cancer awareness...

The hate side is as follows:
  • Breast cancer is not the only cancer women face or the only one deserving of attention.
  • Diseases like heart disease are bigger killers of women.
  • And yet, like all aspects of society, there is a hyper focus on boobies.
  • Finally, how far does awareness actually go vs. actual action?
I guess my point is that stupid stuff like "I like it on the stairs" in reference to your where you put your purse as a tool of "raising awareness" about breast cancer doesn't go very far. Actually DO something for one and for two, focus on the other medical issues facing women.


  1. Although I agree with you that women do face other cancers and other health issues, (e.g., heart disease) breast cancer has come into the media forefront due to the Komen family. My mom and I have had numerous conversations about this, and she is obviously well-versed in the world of cancer. The Komens decided to take their grief and with great marketing tactics, were able to start the Race for the Cure. From there it has built and grown to what it is today. So, as I know that some of it may be due to our society's love of breasts, perhaps heart disease organizations could be more aggressive, like the Komens, to make marketing deals to benefit their cause. Just a thought...

  2. I wish more illnesses had champions like the Komen's. They have actually done great work for an issue deserving of attention...great work that is actually doing something unlike the stupid "I like it on the..." statuses.

    I feel like people are just too passive/lazy with their breast cancer awareness raising. Instead of stupid statuses, they could donate $5 to Komen. From where I sit, the awareness is raised. Let's find a cure.


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