Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Freaking New Year

Whelp, another year has gone by. Hooray for my first blog of 2011.

But not hooray for what is prompting me to write this...There was a shooting today, with Arizona Congresswoman Giffords as the apparent target. Many people are injured, some killed, including a judge and a CHILD.

Yesterday I was reading over at Tiger Beatdown about what Sady Doyle is dealing with in the aftermath of the #Mooreandme campaign (that I mentioned the last time I wrote.) As you can see from what Sady wrote, it's hard out there for women who speak the truth.

That phrase kept running through my mind over and over...It's hard out there for women who speak the truth.

I kept trying to compose a blog that would drive this point home, but I didn't have anything more to add than what Sady's already said. 

But then today's news of the shooting came about. What drives the point home more than that? 

Then I look through Facebook thinking people might be talking about this horrific event. Nope. You know what's more important? 

The Colts game. The fucking Colts game.

I've got nothing more to add. I have no pearls of wisdom. I'm just so fucking sick of how unsafe public speaking is for progressives in this world. And how scary it is to be a woman who speaks the truth. But women who spout the same old trash? Well they can say just about anything they want.

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