Friday, February 25, 2011

New Tag! "Daily Journey" Feminism

So I've been considering bringing a new theme/tag to my blog..."Daily Journey Feminism" What the hell is that? Well, let me explain...

You see, everyone and their sister writes a feminist blog to critique the media, pop culture, regressive politics, and patriarchy at large. And it's great. They should be writing about those things. However, I can fully admit that I rarely bring anything fresh or new to the discussion. I'm great at putting my spin out there and linking to the people who are doing the real analysis of current relevant feminist topic #5. However, and let's be honest, I'm not making waves in the feminist world.

And that's ok. It's not my aim.

However, it is my aim is to make sense of the world in live in through my particular feminist lens...and this is where "Daily Journey" Feminism comes in. I've realized what I'd like to write more about is when I discover some lesson in my own life which pushes me toward becoming a better feminist and person. (Don't worry, I'll close with the example which caused this blog.)

I mean, we all have our own internal debates and cognitive dissonance. We have silly little guilty pleasures, gut reactions, impulses, or habits which undermine the BIG STUFF that we actually care about. So an example might be a nutritionist who shames her clients for eating poorly, but regularly indulges in bacon and eggs.

Anyhoo, once I decided that I wanted to write more about my "daily journey to become a better feminist and person" I tried to think of something to name it. I wanted something cool, but I had nothing. I long considered going with DJTBABFAP of DJBBFP, but those are dumb and in the end, I've settled for "daily journey" feminism.

So, now my blog will be a nice little mix of cultural critique and daily journey stuff...I hope. And, as promised, here's my example.

I have argued against women using in vitro fertilization as a means of reproduction in the past. I made all kinds of arguments, that I care not rehash, which to put it lightly, were judgy. And I attempted to argue from a feminist perspective that in vitro was wrong. I've since come to realize that *I* was the one who was all around wrong.

Simply put: as a feminist, it is not for me to say how another women chooses to reproduce (or IF she chooses to reproduce at all.)

I have for long argued that one could be both politically pro-choice and personally pro-life, in that it is possible to feel that abortion is wrong *for you* and that the fetus you are gestating is a life, but still agree that other women have the right to make that decision for themselves. I am taking this view of in vitro now. There's nothing inherently WRONG or anti-woman about it just because I feel it would never be the right decision for me. 'Nuff said.

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