Thursday, July 7, 2011

Announcing...Out of the Kitchen!

Just a quick note...I am excited to officially announce that I will be writing for the new website, The Progressive Playbook!

I will be writing a weekly column called "Out of the Kitchen" in which various news and pop culture items will be examined through a feminist lens. My first post is up!

Weekly, I'll be posting teaser here, for you to click through and get the full deets. Check it out!

"Bridesmaids" Continues to Quietly Challenge Conventional Wisdom

News recently broke that “Bridesmaids” has become not only the top grossing R rated female comedy, but also Judd Apatow’s top grossing film.

The initial reaction is to shrug it off and wonder, “Who cares?” However, the fact of the matter is that there is a reason that this statistic is making news. Right under our noses, “Bridesmaids” is challenging much of the conventional wisdom surrounding popular cinema. Read more...

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