Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Age IS More Than a Number; It’s Often Power

This post is a part of my “Out of the Kitchen” weekly column over at The Progressive Playbook in which various news and pop culture items will be examined through a feminist lens.

In Hollywood, partners who are several years older or younger than one another are as common as washed up C list celebrities. However, extreme cases do raise eyebrows. Last month news broke that actor Doug Hutchison, 51, married a 16-year-old girl, Courtney Alexis Stodden. Not much was known about the young woman and their relationship, but this week, they’ve been making the media rounds and there’s even talk of a reality show.

In general, when it comes to choices as personal as romantic partners, the feminist consensus is “live and let live.” The looks, gender, race, physical ability, and other attributes of one’s dates are deeply personal and therefore up to the individual. Statements of non-judgement regarding partner choice frequently begin with “So long as everyone is consenting adults…” Undoubtedly, situations like that of Stodden and Hutchison call into question issues of both consent and adulthood, and are therefore important to examine. Read more...

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