Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What. Is. Happening?

Trigger warning for violence and abuse.
I feel like I'm just posting a lot of outrage lately. But there are no words for this shit.

The reasoning here is totally illogical. Watch the video at the link above. Listen to the author of the book To Train Up A Child. The parents in question appeared to receive their parenting advice from him, as a copy of the book was found in their home. (If you want to read it in all its horror, the full book is available online.) He says that if a child hits another child you punish her/him with hitting them. You tell them that their behavior was violent, which is unacceptable, and then proceed to give them 10 "licks" to teach them that hitting is wrong.

Let that sink in.

My heart breaks for all these kids, murdered, critically injured, abused, and left in foster care. I hope they find homes that grant them love, peace, and safety.

Update: So I've been reading this book online and it's making my skin crawl. I just wanted to note some of the "highlights" from just chapter 1:
  • Continuous comparisons to the parent-child relationship as battle and war. (Can't you just feel the love!?)
  • Comparisons to children as terrorists, racketeers, the devil, mob bosses, rats, horses, and dogs (so far.)


  1. If you want to learn more about the Pearls (the couple that wrote the book) and the people who follow their teachings you should check out Free Jinger. I've been reading there for a while and it's really shocking what the fundamentalists are getting away with.

  2. More info, please! I somehow knew this would be tied to the Quiverfull movement. Can you link me something specific?


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