Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love Your Body Day!

Why hello there--good morning!

Did you know that today is Love You Body Day? AND it's Fat Talk Free Week? It should be no surprise that I totally support these causes.

Which is why I'm bummed that this picture is all over Facebook...and receiving tons of praise for its apparent hilarity.
Yes, let's all body snark a little girl. I don't even get it.

Update: Meanwhile, on Twitter, one of the top trending topics all day as been #OkUPrettyBut. Here are some "highlights":

#okuprettybut how much did all that plastic surgery cost you tho?
#okuprettybut you're a HOE to the 3rd power
#okuprettybut ya second toe is waaayyy too long baby
#okuprettybut u not the cutest girl out your group
#okuprettybut you still have no business wearing that outfit.

Aaaaaaaaaand there it is. Social media reminding me exactly why we have these days in the first place. For every one voice telling women they are beautiful and worthy, there's about a million more hating on us, putting us down, and mocking our bodies and behaviors.

And as one man noted on the #okuprettybut trend...

and its hilarious that the #okuprettybut like 95% females hatin on each other. thats y girls cant get along lmaoooo.


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  1. Thanks for the awesome links. It's so good (and refreshing!) to see these types of projects out there.

    As for the picture, I can see why some people might think it's funny or charmingly self-disparaging. But you're absolutely right - that is a real little girl in that picture and it is just plain cruel to mock her.


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