Monday, October 3, 2011

This Picture Makes Me Happy

There is nothing particularly feministy about this news. I just really want to post this picture and note how happy I am about Arrested Development coming back.
I think it's going to be a bit weird for this to happen. Weird, but awesomely epic.

I mean, Portia de Rossi is a lesbian, and Will Arnett is both married to Amy Poehler AND currently playing the part of a stay at home dad on TV. Plus Alia Shawkat was in Whip It, which is a pretty damn feminist movie. So there are tie ins, right? Alia was also in BUST with Ellen Page, so yeah. See? This topic is feminist! YES! Let's run with this.

Here's a quote from her, and Ellen in fact:
BUST: Do you consider yourselves feminists?
E: "Yeah, of course, definitely. Wouldn't you think everyone'd be a feminist?"
A: "Do you get nos?"

Sadly, Alia, yes...there are many, many nos.

Either way, this feminist is SUPER EXCITED about this news.

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