Tuesday, November 8, 2011

YAY Mississippi!

There's something I never thought I'd say...

It's looking good! I'm sitting here, watching a real time election results and it's too early to call it as I'm writing this. BUT should this post see the light of day, it means that the personhood amendment was defeated in Mississippi. That means that a (small?) majority of people in Mississippi understand at least one of the following things:

  1. A fertilized egg is not a human being. It is a grouping of cells with the potential to become one. 
  2. A fertilized egg should not have the same rights as actually born citizens.
  3. Forcing a woman to carry a child robs her of 9 months of her life and produces yet another child into the world that the right wing wants born, but immediately ceases to care about once they are here. 
  4. A small government stays out of uteruses
  5. There are not many things more heinous than forcing a woman to carry her rapists' child. 
  6. This amendment is misogynist.
  7. There would be an EXTREMELY chilling affect of a law of this nature. Extremely.
  8. Choice is a deeply personal thing that should be up to individual women, discussed under sound medical advice, and not legislated by the government. 
And by the time I finished writing this not even exhaustive list of things wrong with the personhood amendment, the site I was watching officially called it! YAY indeed!

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  1. More reading on the proposed amendment:




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