Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Job, Mrs. Obama--Let's Keep it Going

Last night I caught Michelle Obama's interview on Letterman. As always, she was charming and wonderful. She talked about a lot of things and Letterman even almost made her cry.

But the best part was when she talked about her "Let's Move!" program for kids. I've been very concerned about it in the past because it was pretty fat shaming and overtly about ending childhood obesity instead of being for healthy kids. However, last night I could tell she had changed this mentality. When Letterman made a stupid, throw away fat joke, Mrs. Obama said multiple times that it is about health and building healthy lifestyles. What a refreshing thing to hear!

This is subtle--but it's a small change that can make a huge impact. When fat kids are continuously shamed simply for existing, it's refreshing to hear things spun in a way which is not stigmatizing or perpetuates the myth that all fat people are unhealthy and only fat people are unhealthy. Programs that are against childhood obesity are thereby against obese kids. A much better program is one which simply promotes healthy choices and makes a healthy lifestyle accessible and appealing to all kids.

So good job, FLOTUS. I suspect this came from quite a bit of pressure, but regardless I'm thankful and I really, really hope that this trend can continue; not only in the Let's Move! program, but also through how we talk about childhood health in all contexts.

If you'd like to see more about my thoughts on health, weight, food, and fatness, check out any of the numerous times I've discussed it:

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  1. Well this is good news to hear, thank you for sharing.


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