Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kick Ass Feminist of the Day: Amber Tamblyn

My friend shared this story with me this morning and I couldn't resist talking about it. Apparently, actress Amber Tamblyn was cc'ed on an email to Tyrese Gibson by a mutual friend. Tyrese thought Tamblyn was Amber Rose, (because her middle name is Rose). He proceeded to email her asking for a collaboration and Tamblyn strung him along with HILARIOUS results.

Her songs, while a fantastic prank on Tyrese, are also going to be the new feminist-laughing-time soundtrack to my life. Here's a sampling of her set list:

Dancefloor Etiquette
Contraception Matters
All in Favor (about reproductive rights)

When Tyrese's response was basically WTF, this sucks, Tamblyn replied, "The first one I sent called Dancefloor Etiquette is important to the feministical evolution and fourth wave movement of Woman-Beats and Girl-Music. Ya know?" Heh! And people think feminists can't be funny.

I highly recommend you check out the link at the top of the article and listen to Tamblyn's flow. It's totally worth your time.

I remember feeling a particular connection to Tamblyn's Tibby in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants back in the day when Myranda made me watch it. She was the sarcastic, alterna, artsy one with glasses, blue hair, and fishnets. Little did I know that real life Tamblyn would make me even more happy many years later. Kudos, Amber Rose Tamblyn, for making my day!

In other news, she's engaged to David Cross? WHAT?! Who knew?

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