Thursday, July 12, 2012

The "Tosh Sucks" Roundup

TW rape jokes, rape culture, rape apologists

I haven't thrown in my 2 cents about Daniel Tosh's recent defense of rape jokes and threat of gang rape to an audience member, because I've just been reading, absorbing the situation, and positively seething. I've long known that Tosh loves him a rape joke so I actually wasn't surprised. Although I am always a bit shocked just how many people jump to a comedian's defense when this type of thing happens--say it with me now, people: RAPE CULTURE.

Anyway, I've read a bunch of really great pieces on the subject, so here's my round up of recommended reading:

Shakesville: Daniel Tosh is a Rape Culture Enforcer

Student Activism: For Daniel Tosh, Actually Assaulting Women is Comedy

Anarch*ish*: Dear Comedians, And People Like Me Who Think They're Comedians: Please Stop

scatx's "Calculating" discussion, on what it's like to be a woman in the rape culture

Feministing: Daniel Tosh was heckled & that’s the real crime or how not to write a real headline

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