Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not a Teen, but Loving Rookie

As my friend Meghan recently brought to my attention, there is a contingent of us 20 somethings who love Rookie Magazine. Are you aware of Rookie? I've mentioned it before (because it's awesome.) It's Tavi Gevinson's online magazine that features absolutely amazing information for teen girls.

As Amanda Hess said in her Slate piece on the subject:
As for us adults? Rookie allows us to believe that had it been around 10 years ago, “maybe I wouldn't have done half the self-destructive shit that I did to myself at the time,” my friend told me. “And maybe I wouldn't be so fucked up about some of these things now.” 
But beyond wishing I had something like Rookie 10 years ago...what's not to love? It's kind of my dream--a media space created for (and more importantly) BY teen girls. It's not a bunch of stale, pale, male executives trying to conjure up they *think* teen girls would like. It's girls talking to each other. It's real, fresh, fashionable, friendly, and fun. It features advice from Sady Doyle, and Gillian Jacobs, encourages girls to have healthy relationships, builds self esteem, introduces the Diva Cup, and makes feminism look really damn cool.

Like I said. It's kind of my dream.

I work every day with girls who are steeped in the teen world and sometimes it can a tough place to be. Not knowing where you fit in...feeling ashamed of your body...worrying about what people think of you...feeling alone. But spaces like Rookie work with me to 1) remind girls they're not alone 2) give them a voice 3) provide wonderful information and support and 4) highlight the best of girlhood.

So yeah. I love Rookie. It makes me happy. What of it?

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  1. Yes! I LOVE Rookie. I'm just slightly too old for it (I'm turning 20) but most of the time it's not too "teeny". It's intelligent young women talking to each other... you said it already.


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