Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No, Yahoo. No.

For some reason, Yahoo really likes sexism. A few days ago, this story popped up on the Yahoo homepage when I went to go check the email inbox that I use for all spammy things:

[Yahoo story title reads: Jessica Biel: Soon to Be Mrs. Justin Timberlake! 5 Fun Things You Should Know]

So now Jessica Biel is "soon to be Mrs. Justin Timberlake?" Last I checked, Biel is a celebrity in her own right...I mean, if she started going around identifying as Mrs. Timberlake, it would be one thing (I'd disagree w/ that decision, but at least it would be her choice...) But this is Yahoo just being dumb.

They're used to it...

[Yahoo story title reads: 15 things women do that turn off guys]

What? Did you want to do things just to be you? NAH! It's about what guys like,  you silly womern. And just today, they're making sure they play their part in another media catfight watch. Gross.

[Yahoo story reads: Mariah Carey: No feuding with Minaj on "Idol" yet]

You'd think with their new CEO, one of the most powerful women in the business world, Marissa Mayer, they'd be a little more female empowering. But you'd be wrong. 

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