Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quick Note on the Election

I didn't write much about the election. And I haven't even acknowledged it is over...

I feel kind of remiss about that, but I was deep in post-event-recovery-mode at the time. So now I have a minute to actually acknowledge the fact that BARACK OBAMA GOT A SECOND TERM AND I AM SO THANKFUL AND HAPPY ABOUT THAT.

There are few things that are really amazing about this election...like this, for example. (Click for larger image.) It's quite amazing.
Image from Think Progress

When you add in the results of the gay marriage votes in three stages and marijuana legalization initiatives in others, it was an election which shows many victories for progressive politics. Much to be thankful about. 

BUT I am saddened there are still no African American senators. I'm also deeply saddened to see this:

Seriously, white dudes? Get it together. Thank goodness for universal suffrage. Shock surprise that white men keep voting for the party that puts the lives and interests of white men first.

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