Thursday, February 14, 2013

In Defense of Valentine's Day

If I had to sum up my general world view in the least words possible it would be: love more. It's for that basic reason that I just can't join in on the Valentine's hate parade. It's a day designed to focus on love...we need more messages like that, if you ask me. And messages that remind us that love should be a lifestyle, not just a day.

Where things went wrong, however, is when it became about material items and exclusively about romantic love. Those parts bother me, but if you can just focus on the overall, non-relationship-specific LOVE aspect of today, it ain't so bad.
[Photo description: Ann and Leslie from Parks and Rec with a heart around them. Text reads: "You are my most beautiful  talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox."]

So while the flowers, candy, and lovey dovey Facebook statuses can make the best of us nauseous, I just can't be mad today. I mean, I'm the person that typically bakes cupcakes for the whole office, because what says, "Y'all are the best!" better than homemade baked goods? (I skipped that part this year because my office celebrated Galentine's Day yesterday and we're all sugared out. Yes, my office celebrated Galentine's Day. Like I said...they're the best.)

Anyhoo--I hope that you all can look past the sea of pink and red today and focus on the love in your lives be it by appreciating your partner, family, best friend, online community, or even just taking a moment to really, truly love the most important person in your

Happy Valentine's Day!

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