Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I am Exhausted, But I'll Be OK

I'm experiencing some pretty heavy activist fatigue...and it goes way beyond the fact that I've physically been present the past three weeks, helping out with the opposition to the anti abortion omnibus bill. I'm emotionally exhausted listening to all the testimony, reports, tweets, and even more so from the litany of lies that the antis are sharing.

I'm doing what I can to keep my chin up, engage in self-care, and continue to participate when I can. It can really feel like a lot, but I know that ultimately, I'll be OK.

I'm reminding myself just how privileged I am in this. I have the ability to participate in this process. I live close enough that there is no financial burden for me to show up at the capitol. I work for an organization and a leader who has allowed me to spend time there without facing scrutiny or fear of losing my job. I don't have to worry about child care. I'm free to come and go in my house as I please without anyone controlling me, intimidating me, or questioning me. I have lots of friends and colleagues  who are also at the capitol in support of the cause I believe in.

It is for these reasons and more that I know I need to continue to be present and see this through. As many, many people have pointed out, while the majority of the pro-choice activists look like me, the people that this legislation would disproportionately affect, don't. And most of them they can't make it to the capitol to tell their stories.

So I need to see this through. I'm exhausted. But I'll be fine.

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