Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Few Thoughts and Links on Orange is the New Black

[Image text: the Orange is the New Black cast]

Ok, I'll be favorite new show of the year is by far Orange is the New Black and I feel remiss not mentioning that at all. Like so many other people this summer, I consumed the series in two days and was left wanting more. Here's something that nicely summarizes all my recent interactions with donors and board members at work:
[Image description comic of two people talking. Person 1 "How's your summer been?" Person 2 "Great! I've been traveling Europe all month and now I'm back to work. You?" Person 1 "Have..have you seen Orange is the New Black?"]

I haven't written about the show yet because while it deals with so many feminist relevant topics, I feel under qualified to speak about many of them at length (race, queerness, and the prison system, specifically). All I know is that I was so thoroughly pulled in by the show because of the ensemble--the sheer diversity of women (many you never see on TV,) the experiences displayed, and the relationships explored. And it's so damn delightfully woman-centric, created, written, and starring.

Honestly--I could take or leave Piper (the main character.)  I can see how she pushes the story line forward and serves as the character we're supposed to relate to (because she so unexpectedly found herself in prison and I guess we're all supposed to feel like that could be us...?) but it's much more the women around her who have pulled me in and kept me chain watching it all. It has that beautifully perfect mixture of comedy and drama that basically intoxicated me into a delightful trance.

Is it clear that I love it?

Overall, I know the show is not perfect. But it certainly is doing things that are rare and wonderful and at the very least starts some good, feminist discussions. So in that way, I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants an enjoyable and though provoking new series to dig into. I wanted to do some reading about what others are saying about the show and here are some pieces that I find interesting (although I don't co-sign everything written:)

Why ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Is So Addictive 

An In-Depth Look at How "Orange Is the New Black" Compares to Real Life

Prison Bitch is the New Black

New Netflix Show "Orange is the New Black" is a Complex Look at Sex, Gender, and Prison

“Orange Is The New Black”: Taking Privilege to Task

Q&A: Jenji Kohan on nudity, racism and homosexuality in Orange is the New Black

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