Tuesday, December 3, 2013

An Observation

So many of the people who come here or to my Tumblr to attack me for my views/work/words also try to tell me that I'm doing activism wrong. They go down the whole path of "If you care so much, why aren't you doing something REAL?" or "This is not the way to make positive change." or "When you freak out over small stuff like this, people won't listen to you about the real issues."

Aside from the fact that they know nothing about my daily life, that they have a misguided notion of "realness," and that they are employing silencing tactics, it's interesting to me that they think I would ever take their criticisms seriously. These are the very same people who in one breath tell me I'm wrong and hate the fact that I'm an outspoken intersectional feminist, but in the next act like they're offering advice on how to do activism better?


I mean, look at it this way, let's say you and I each own businesses. I'm a megacorporation. You have a small family owned business offering similar goods. If you start to cut into my market share, my first tactic might be to launch an ad campaign designed to make your products look inferior, to undercut your prices, or to insult your customer service skills. If I then drop by your store and try to offer you business advice, pal-to-pal, are you going to take it seriously? Hell no! You just learned that my number one goal is to squash you, so you'd tell me to fuck off.

The same goes for any of these people who try to offer "helpful" advice about how I run my blogs. When they come in defending racists/sexists/homophobes, etc...why would I EVER want to listen to their thoughts about how I should do things? The fact of the matter is that their only goal would be to make bigots more comfortable with my feminism...and that's not why I do this. When I take constructive criticism, it will be from other activists, thank you very much.

But it's very interesting to me to observe this two pronged approach they take prong one being "I hate what you do!" and prong two being, "Here's how you can do it better." It's no mistake that they try both...they want to dismantle my work in any way they possibly can. Some people are that invested in kyriarchy.

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