Wednesday, December 11, 2013


[Content notes: rape culture, patriarchy]


That's what the past two weeks have been making me feel.


Please allow some complaining: I'm tired and stressed and it's been actually COLD in Austin and overcast and I've been sick with a cough for like 12 days and I'm not sleeping well and I just want to crawl under a rock until March. But I've had to do a whole lot of holiday season merrymaking (for work) and it's draining the very life from me. On top of all that I've been doing my whole, "Come on you GOTTA write. Come on! DO IT!" unnecessary thing to myself. I'm trying to remember that I have no obligation to produce content when I'm not feeling it.

So anyway, that's why it's been pretty quiet around here and when I am writing, it's not super in depth or particularly well written.


But while I am here I do want to direct your attention to two things:

1) There's a petition up at to nationally ban rapists from being able to sue their impregnated victims for custody rights. If I need to explain the importance of that to you, please leave this blog forever immediately. Anyway, assuming you are even remotely reasonable GO SIGN IT NOW. It ends 12/24.

2) Secondly, there's an interesting piece by Soraya Chemaly at Role Reboot about how Bode Miller's very public custody battle with Sara McKenna has implications for the rights of pregnant women. Check it out. Here's an excerpt:
No one is asking this: If Miller wants to see his son more often, and is committed to what is best for him, which he agrees is to spend equal time with both parents, then why doesn’t he move to New York? Because it would hurt his career, threaten his financial security, and probably just bum him out too much? I realize that sounds snide, but that is what he has been trying to force McKenna to do. The idea that she should sacrifice her own education and ambitions were just fine with him, yet the thought that he would do the same strikes many people as laughable.

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