Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Excited for Sasheer Zamata

[Content note: street harassment, sexual harassment]

So SNL has announced they are adding the first black woman cast member in 6 years, and she's...Sasheer Zamata!

I'm really, really excited about her joining. First of all, she's originally from Indianapolis, like me. So automatic points for being a Hoosier. Secondly, I first saw her hilarity in this "storytime" video from last summer, which she wrote and stars in:

That's some feminist humor right there--her depicted difference between how she viewed the incident and the guy probably viewed it, is insightful and hilarious. And her point, that a flasher is actually "kind of respectful" given how other men behave, is a great punch at our misogynistic culture and the difficulties of dating as a straight, single woman.

While I'm psyched about Zamata's casting, it's total bullshit how the search for a new black woman cast member came about (Keenan Thompson's comments and incredible underrepresentation of black women on the show.) And the real test is yet to be seen, specifically, SNL and its writers still have the potential to grossly misuse her in racist and misogynistic ways. But I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic and will definitely be tuning in for her debut on the 18th.

Overall, I think that the women of SNL right now are the ones bringing the best laughs, anyway (I love Aidy Bryant in particular.) Zamata absolutely has the talent to add to that!

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