Monday, June 9, 2014

Crap Marketing: Hail to the V "Wrong Body Wash" Commercial

Here's another installment in the litany of advertisements that I hate. This time from Summer's Eve:

[Video description below cut.]

There's something extra insulting about this commercial being, theoretically, aimed at women. But I guess it should come as no surprise to me that the company which has been praying on insecurities about vaginas for years would pull this crap. It is very base level, "Ewww girls!" misogyny 101 marketing (plus some cissexism thrown in for good measure.)

I guess because the public is becoming more and more aware about how Summer's Eve's original product is actually dangerous, so they're trying to diversify their product offerings.

But really, if you're trying to market a product specifically to women, why would your tactic be, "Let's make a 'joke' about how men feel emasculated by a gentle soap." So again, I'm asking, when will we ever stop the cultural association between femininity and lesser than? If Summer's Eve has anything to say about it, the answer is never.

Video description found at Market Me Not:

A man takes a shower as his wife puts on some makeup. “Did you know that Summer’s Eve cleansing wash is Ph balanced and gentler than soap which makes it perfectly formulated for a woman’s V.” The man doesn’t understand “Huh?” The woman replies “Did you know you’re using it?” The man gets upset and does some manly things to get his manhood back after using a woman’s body wash. He chops wood, drinks raw eggs, plays the drums, does some boxing routines, belly flops into a pool, karate chops a stack of wood, pulls a car with his teeth, makes a metal gladiator helmet and then mows the lawn wearing it. He sits down next to his wife on the couch and crushes a can. His wife says “That was close.” Hail to the V.
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