Tuesday, December 15, 2015

No more Christmas pictures like this...NO MORE

Sometimes something is just so messed up, I MUST write about it. Immediately.

Today is one of those days.

Let me start by saying this, if I were to start a comprehensive list of all the bullshit that we DON'T need more of in our society, I'd probably have a hand cramp in about 20 minutes and would have only just begun what would be a life long endeavor. So for now, I'll just suggest ONE item for the list: a new, misogynistic brand of Christmas pictures that has popped up this holiday season. 

The first I heard of this, a coworker showed me one from her Facebook feed because she knew I'd share her disgust. Not but a week later, another similar image was submitted to FacebookSexism.

Here are the pictures in question

Yes, that's right. These "cutesy" holiday family photos depict the husband/sons saying a variation of "finally peace on earth" and the mothers/daughters with DUCT TAPED MOUTHS AND BOUND BY CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. This is some kind of trend apparently...?

I feel like it should be totally unnecessary for me to explain why this is fucked up, and how invoking violent, misogynistic imagery isn't ok, but just in case, to add to the list of bullshit we DON'T need anymore there's also:

  1. Messages for girls that they shouldn't speak up. 
  2. Messages which "joke" that kidnapping, abuse, and even rape can be alluded to in a cutesy/playful way.
  3. Messages for girls that their thoughts/opinions/voices, etc. are "annoying" or otherwise not peaceful. 
  4. Messages that boys/men are in charge. 
  5. Messages that boys/men are the only ones worth hearing from. 
  6. Messages which send implicit normalization of abuse of women/girls. 
  7. Messages which send implicit normalization of control of women/girls.
That's just what I can think off the top of my head! If you're in the crowd that thinks this garbage is "cute" I'd love for you to explain WHY in a way which doesn't directly invoke and play into one of these 7 messages that I've listed. 

Please, try. 

I'm waiting. 

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  1. I actually got into a argument with some people on Facebook about this exact photo. They were maintaining that it was a joke and I am ridiculous and have no sense of humor (which is not true I just don't think silencing women is a joke). It ended with them all calling me a man hating feminist bitch and me giving up on ever speaking to them again.


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