Wednesday, July 27, 2016

On Aggressive Drivers (Hint: They're Men)

I’m so fucking tired of aggressive male drivers. 
I’ve written about this on my personal blog before, but I wanna complain and commiserate with a larger audience at the moment. 
What the HELL is going on with men who bully others aggressively on the road?? 17 years ago this summer I got my learner’s permit and in the following 17 years, if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that men think that they own the GD road and if you happen to be using it too…you’re in their way. 
Here’s my pathetic “not all men disclaimer.” OF COURSE there are good male drivers. But of the numerous bullies that have quite literally scared the fuck out of me on the road…I’d estimate 90% of them are men. And it’s only gotten worse since I now live in Texas and I’m surrounded by giant trucks full of hilljack douches flying the stars and bars and Trump and/or NRA bumper stickers. 
Before anyone suggests that maybe my driving is the problem, let me specify, of the once a week-ish incident I witness of unhinged rageful men bullying someone on the road, I’m not always the target of the aggression. I see it happening to other people who appear to be doing nothing more than being there. And before anyone suggests that it’s all in my head, here are a few sources which show that this IS a thing. 

There’s nothing inherently wrong with getting angry at someone for cutting you off or driving in front of you going 10 miles below the speed limit. I experience anger about those things all the time…the problem is the expression of aggressive and dangerous behavior because you’re angry. 

I want to segue into a discussion of toxic masculinity here, but like I said, I’m tired, so let me summarize it with this: fuck road bullies. 

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