Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vaginas, Al Franken, and Jon Stewart

The three aren't really connected in this post. I'm just saving time by updating about two things at once.

  • Vagina. It's a simple word: vagina. We all know what it means...Or do we?
This past weekend, I learned that vagina has a terrible Latin word origin, coming from "sheath for a sword." How female UNfriendly is that!? One of the few truly female words actually means "a place to put a penis." Really? There wasn't any other Latin words they could have used for it? Not even something sappily euphemistic like "secret garden?" It HAD to be sheath, which implies it's sole purpose is to house a penis?

Now, you might think that this would mean that the origin for penis is sword, but it's not. It's "hanging like a pendulum; tail." So men get something that just describes the general look. Fan. Freaking. Tastic.

WRONG. DEAD WRONG. Leave it to white, male republicans to vote against this amendment. ALL the women voted for it...but a few idiotic male republicans didn't. This is insanity. Pure, unadulterated insanity. There are times when people obviously can't agree over tough issues. I get it...and there are times where you mindlessly vote against the other party. Whatever, fine. I don't agree with those politics, but like I said, whatever.

But to vote against something so simple as this...COME ON. You must really, truly hate women if you can vote against this. Jon Stewart gives it to 'em. And God Bless you, Jon.

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