Monday, February 7, 2011


So last night I watched the Superbowl with three like minded individuals. Typically, there are ads in the Superbowl that I want to scream at. However, this year it was all around boring and stupid.

There was, of course, the Darth Vader Volkswagen ad that Ronald has been in love with. It was, by far, the best ad of the night. However, having seen the full version before the actual Superbowl, it took all the glory out of it. And...I still insist that Vader's a little girl.

That's not an insult. I think he's played by a little girl. Not a boy. FYI.

Anyway, everything else was pretty snooze worthy, which by all accounts, should be good news given the hatred that sports advertisements have typically produced in us around these parts.

All in all, the misogyny was most present through both a Pepsi Max and a Doritos ad that depicted violence against women. Random crap being thrown at them. Oh, and don't forget: Men are single minded morons. Ya know, standard tripe.

I was also really, really disappointed in the Groupon ads which both exploited the Tibetan culture and deforestation in the name of cheap Tibetan food and Brazilian waxes.


Eh well, the whole experience was all around blah, save for the fabulous company I enjoyed. And to prevent talking more about Ben Roethlisberger, I'll simply refer to you to my previous thoughts on him. (Short version: ick.)


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  2. So all through the Pepsi Max ad his partner kicks him, shows his face in a pie, shoves a bar of soap in mouth and then throws a can at him and the ad is sexist only toward women because he checks out a woman at the end? Looks like your feminist lenses are equipped with blinders also.

    1. I have a strict zero tolerance policy for trolls on this blog, as I have no obligation to give you a platform for your complaints about my thoughts, but I had to publish your comment just to say: I have literally no idea what ad you are talking about.

      I wrote this entry based on the 2011 Superbowl ads, aka OVER A YEAR AGO and I don't remember the specific ad I referenced, but I suspect it might be different from the one you are talking about (which was this year? I'm not sure.) I clearly stated my complaint w/ the one from LAST YEAR was violence against women, not "checking out a woman at the end."

      If your reading comprehension skills were up to snuff, which they are clearly not, you will see I also have a compliant that the commercials depict men as "single minded morons." In other words, I openly acknowledge that sexism goes both ways.

      What exactly are you mad at me about? Is it the very fact that I have "blinders" or is it the fact that I talk/think critically about gender at all.


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