Monday, February 7, 2011

To My Trolls

Dear Trolls,

You are foolish. Let me put this simply: Go spend your time trolling someplace that actually gets page views and is actually noticed by more than just the author of the blog. Your *valuable* time certainly could be spent in better ways. Let me make some suggestions for you. Firstly, you could study some basic English. In this endeavor, you may discover that scooze and wattup are not actually words.

Secondly, (if you have time left over, because I know that first part will be pretty extensive for you) you could look up the word misogyny. You might find one of the following sources helpful to you:,, or I, personally, recommend the latter for your research. There, you may discover, if you can keep your attention to it long enough, that it is possible to be both a woman AND misogynistic. Therefore, yes, women can perpetuate misogyny, and yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.

Lastly, to round out your evening of time well spent, you can do some googling on the extreme overuse of "putting" "random" "words" "in" "quotes." It doesn't really do much for your trolling, except to distract me from the overt stupidity of what you were attempting to say. So, never mind, perhaps I should thank you for "putting" "in" "unnecessary" "quotes."

Well anyway, I'm getting tired of engaging with I'll be heading off to bed now where I will chuckle to myself that someone like you thought enough about someone like me to take the time to troll but not have the ovaries to sign your name to it.


A. Lynn

Oh, and to the non trolls reading this (all -1 of you) all commenting is now in moderation and there will no longer be anonymous posts. Because while this great nation purports freedom of speech, it doesn't extend to my blog. Once, I thought it was a fluke. Twice, I deleted and ignored. But thrice, I had to take some action. I'm not even important (at all) and yet I still insist that it's hard out there for women who speak the truth. Even the unimportant ones.

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