Friday, September 30, 2011

Feeding the Trolls: an Anti-Choice Douche

If you know almost anything about feminist blogging, you know that it attracts some of the worst trolls. Even small time virtually unread bloggers like me get them. That's why I've gone to comment moderation. I mean, seriously, I get all of 1 or 2 comments a month, and I had to go to moderation because of haters. How dumb!

On my recent "Choice Matters" post at the other blog I write for, I attracted a troll. (As I knew I would. Trolls love talking about abortion. They love it oh so much.) Here's what "anon" said:

You left wingers LOVE abortion. Jesus christ! Obsessing over it so much. It wont go anywhere, so let people have their opinions. Why should I be okay with a woman being a careless slut and waltzing into an abortion clinic on MY tax dollars. Not going to happen. No friggen way. I would rather be called a "narrowminded asshole Republican", which I have before, than support something that seems SO wrong.
A good policy when dealing with trolls on your blog is to ignore, delete if necessary, and move on. Engaging them them only makes matters worse. More mature bloggers than myself follow this policy. I'm not sure what their comment moderation policies are over at The Progressive Playbook, so I'm not going to remove it or draw much attention to it. On my own blog, I can do what I want. So, I've decided to take this battle to where I feel safe--right here. If any hater comments come through, trust me, they will be deleted, not published, unless in a manner similar than this (to mock and deconstruct them.)

Without further ado, I will now break down why every single thing this person has said is wrong.
  • "anon"--Lord knows I can agree that it is often unwise to tie your "IRL" identity to your online persona, but to be completely anonymous is cowardly. If you truly believe something enough to come at the author like this, have the guts to at least represent your online persona.
  • "You left wingers LOVE abortion. Jesus christ [sic]!" See, right here, I know you didn't even read what I wrote, so it's no wonder it's all downhill from here. I specifically tackled the myth that feminists love abortion. You just saw "choice" and went off the deep end, or perhaps your reading comprehension skills are lacking. Also, isn't it your type who gets really mad when the Lord's name is taken in vain?
  • "Obsessing over it so much. It wont [sic] go anywhere, so let people have their opinions." OK with this line, I'm literally chuckling at my desk. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We're the ones who won't let people have their opinions? This must, again, be attributed to a lack of basic reading skills and comprehension. We are the side of CHOICE. Like I said in my original peice, if you're against abortions don't have one. On the other hand, "anti-choicers" quite literally want to pass legislation which disallows women who want to have an abortion from exercising their free will.
  • "Why should I be okay with a woman being a careless slut and waltzing into an abortion clinic on MY tax dollars. Not going to happen. No friggen way." There is so much wrong here that I'm afraid my head might blow up trying to even re-read that ignorance. It all rests on the huge misconception that anyone who accesses abortion services must be a "slut." Seriously? You believe that? Every pregnancy is the result of promiscuity? Even if they were, why the need for slut shaming? I thought the right was all about personal liberties and freedoms. If someone wants to be slutty, isn't that her right? I guess I've stumbled on yet another conservative hypocrisy. And, back to your reading piece in no way tackled the funding issues surrounding abortion (while I DO hold an opinion on this topic, I was simply advocating for there to still be a choice, not how it's paid for). But while we're going there--fact check, please. Not that I suspect you will be able to adequately grasp the content of those links either.
  • "I would rather be called a 'narrowminded [sic] asshole Republican', which I have before, than support something that seems SO wrong." Well, while it sounds like people are calling you an accurate title, where did those quotes come from? Did I say that? Huh...weird. And a bit paranoid? Anyway, you know what? You can TOTALLY think that abortion "seems SO wrong." That's cool. Let me make this as clear as I possibly can: You can be opposed to abortion. That's your prerogative. I only have a problem when you try to use this belief to control the actions of others. Hence CHOICE. Do you get it yet? I'm not sure what else I can say. I mean, there are tons of stuff that I think "seem SO wrong" but would never try to totally outlaw. Some examples include: Gun ownership, female oppressive religions, irresponsible food production, driving an SUV, voting Republican, listening to Glenn Beck. How am I able to understand that ALL of my personal convictions aren't meant to be law, but you aren't?
Oh trolls--you say so much without saying anything. That's the real problem, isn't it? You don't actually represent any real viewpoints. You just spew myths and venom. If you did respectfully disagree with me and bring some substance, we'd be able to have an actual discussion, free from sexism and hate. I'll just be over here waiting for that to happen. And getting old in the process. And having 30 million abortions, because I just LOVE EM.

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