Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who The Hell You Calling Pregnance'?

Not funny.
So, in the past I've written about Beyonce. I've written about Jezebel. And I've written about how we treat pregnant women...so let me take a moment to write about all three. I promise this will be quick!

Basically, I've noticed how Jezebel likes to call Beyonce "Pregnance'" lately. Like a lot. Like too much. They probably think it's funny and cute, but I find it all around annoying. Don't we already have enough problematic treatment of pregnant women? I guess what really pisses me off about it is that it totally reduces this amazing woman to her pregnancy. And while she is obviously very happy to be pregnant, it's not all she is.

Plus it's hard how to figure out how to say it in your head when you're reading. UCK.

Ah well, I'm still joining the masses who are pretty excited to see the progeny of Beyonce and Shawn Knowles-Cater!

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