Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm Just Going to Leave this Right Here...

Often people wonder why I care so much about rape jokes, sexual assault awareness, etc. WHELP, here's a little glimpse into why:

[Image is from tumblr, it reads: Benefits when you're cute: More people notice you, more people talk to you, people listen to you, you get jobs easier, you get dates easier, it's easier to get into a relationship, people text you back faster, you get more followers, you get on those fuckyeah sites faster, you feel better about yourself. Benefits when you're ugly: you don't get raped.]

Guysssss didn't you, like, totally know that if, um, you, like are ugly um, like no one would want you sexually and you totally can't get raped. LOLZ.

This shit was posted YESTERDAY and it already has 25,667 notes, most of which are likes and reblogs. Sometimes I have so much shame and embarrassment for our society. This is us, people. Are you OK with that?

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