Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm Reading

Here's some stuff I've been reading to get you through the midweek slump.

Flavia Dzodan at Tiger Beatdown: Feminism has Abandoned Me

Every time I see reports about reproductive justice in the Western world, I am painfully reminded of the women who have been deprived of their children, of their lives, of any future whatsoever because they were born in the “wrong” countries.

Kath at Fat Heffalump: Can We Kill the Priviledge Deyning, Please?

This is not a matter of thin vs fat. It is a matter of reclaiming our bodies as acceptable no matter what size or shape they are, and getting rid of tropes that label one type of woman as more real than another. But until fat people are treated as equal human beings to not-fat people, thin privilege will always exist.

Adrienne K. at Racialicious: Paul Frank Offends Every Native Person On The Planet With Fashion Night Out “Dream Catchin’ Pow Wow”
How clever, the font of the “Dream Catchin’” looks like teepees! How clever, the Paul Frank monkey is wearing warpaint and a sacred headdress! How clever, we put him in the center of a dream catcher, complete with pony beads and neon feathers! The Paul Frank Facebook page posted well over 1,000 photos of partygoers posing on their runway with plastic tomahawks and headdresses. After the firestorm of criticism last night (more on that in a minute), all the photos are down off the page as of this morning.

Jill at Feministe: Breastfeeding Sick Babies in Class
To me, there are a couple of issues here, and breastfeeding is the least of them. Is breastfeeding in class a big deal (or should it be)? No. If a mom is breastfeeding during a break or even during a lecture and the feeding isn’t interrupting anything, then who cares? What’s more interesting (and questionable) is the general issue of bringing a small child to work, when your work is as a professor lecturing a classroom of students.

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