Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thanks for Proving My Point

[Content note: misogynistic slurs, possible light Breaking Bad spoilers]


Last night someone with 80k Twitter followers retweeted my post about Sunday's episode and my call out of "Team Walt." Of course, the fanboys came my way with every indignant response. And that's fine. I can handle disagreement and articulate my point, so long as we're all staying civil. You can disagree with my reading of the episode (this stuff is up for discussion/interpretation.) You can think my analysis was one sided (I unabashedly choose Skyler over Walt, any day.) You can say that I'm "why you hate feminism." You can even be deluded enough to think that Walt is still doing this for his family--I will argue with you and say you're wrong, but you can feel that way. Whatever. It's fine.

But when you tweet shit like this...well all you've done is proven my point.
See? There it is. Skyler is a bitch/whore and deserves to die. One of my big main points was that the Walt lovers/Skyler haters are misogynistic, and you've gone ahead and made that all the more abundantly clear. (I wonder if these same fans want the many men in the shows they watch who have cheated to also be murdered...)

So thank you.

I should have known that when I wrote about something like Breaking Bad, I'd get my usual flood of pissy-pants fan boys who think I don't have the right to talk about this stuff. What they can't seem to process, and maybe it's because they've never thought critically about any media messages, is that I can simultaneously analyze something and still like it. It's really not that hard to understand.

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  1. Have you seen this article: http://bitchmagazine.org/post/why-do-many-breaking-bad-fans-love-walter-white-but-hate-skyler

    Maybe you will find it interesting :)


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