Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Carl's Junior/Hardee's: Still Sucks


Carl's Jr. (Hardee's if you grew up in the Midwest like me) has a long history of gross, shitty, sexist advertising and their most recent ad is no different. I had seen it play a few times recently, but I didn't actually pay attention until last night. Here it is:

Yes, that's right. To eat their new Western X-tra Bacon Thickburger, Mystique from X-Men, the shape shifting bad ass, turned into a dude. With the tag lines, "Man Up" and "Eat like you mean it."

You can't make this stuff up.

And I'm not going to even waste my time explaining why this is sexist. That is totally self evident. I'm tired (and actually home sick today, so yeah.) Let me summarize it with a sweet, simple: Fuck off Carl's Jr.

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  1. Because, apparently, women never eat hamburgers or bacon. Thus, my sisters and all my female cousins must actually be men. Way to confuse a guy!
    It goes to the assumption that all women are dainty little petite flowers who are constantly on calorie-counting diets to watch their girlish figures. And it is disgusting.
    I'm a guy. A big guy. I like my bacon cheeseburgers. But I also like salads and cute little finger sandwiches.
    I've known plenty of women who like a good hardy bacon cheeseburger. Some of them are dainty little petite women. Gasp! The shock!
    Of course my opinion on these matters doesn't count with the Dudebros, since I'm a big out and proud flamer!
    I appreciate your writing. I'm a counselor, and I see the negative effects of sexism and homophobia almost every day in my work.


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