Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Just a thought

I've long been both annoyed and confused by two, often intersection groups of people:

1) Folks who seem almost exclusively oriented toward trolling the internet to find people they dislike, writing they disagree with, and general stuff to complain about and

2) Folks who think that they are the arbiters of what is "really important" and therefore--if you address a personal observation that falls outside of their narrowly defined realm of "really important stuff," you're frivolous, pathetic, etc.

It boggles my mind why some people don't seem capable of letting others be. Why come back to a source that pisses you off over and over? Of course, I believe if someone is being actively oppressive or bigoted and you want to call them out, then do so. But if you arrive someplace (yes, I mean here specifically) and you find something that makes you roll your eyes because you just don't agree--why would you take the time to be hateful and mocking? And why would you come back? So much of what I write about is just derived from my personal thoughts and reflections. If yours are different does that really warrant scorn? Does it require your time and energy?

What a sad place you must be in to wish to spend your time that way.

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