Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A super important post about my evolving feelings re: one, Ms. Taylor Swift

I haven't been fond of Taylor Swift in the past (like both last year and the FAR past.) In fact, I believe my exact words about her went a little something like, "She's the worst."

But I have something to admit.

*Deep breath*

I don't hate her anymore. I'm not saying I like her...but ok, I kinda like her.

I could chalk this up to a "Swiftamine" situation, which is true, but also, there have been a few things I've seen here and there lately which have caught my eye and given her come credibility in my mind.

I thought long and hard about even mentioning this because Swift, overall, is still FAR from perfect. And I'm still going to cringe at her...a lot, probably. But because one of my anti-TS posts recently got a little traction for some reason, I felt it was perhaps appropriate to issue at least a light amendment on my opinion of her to "actually, maybe not the worst, I guess."

Because if my feminism can't acknowledge someone's personal growth, then what is it even for?

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