Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Unanswered questions

[Content note: harassment]

In being very active on Tumblr, I'm always a little unnerved when my posts are picked up by what I have affectionately termed the "pro-oppression side."

Ever since I started picking up followers, I've had a pretty steady stream of interactions with that side. Some are more mundane than anything. Every week I "ignore" dozens of them...and since Tumblr has recently upgraded it's ignore/block feature, I feel pretty good about every one of the hundreds of accounts I've put on that list.

But when the pro-oppression folks hijack a post of mine, despite my pretty effective means of blocking them out of brain, they still raise infinite questions for me.

...like, why would anyone be in the business of trying to limit genders and gender expression of others? WHY DO YOU CARE?

And...just because you hate what I write about and do, is that REALLY  a reason enough to create entire fake accounts to harass me? Does wishing me death further your cause?

(Side note: there have probably been 3-4 accounts created in the past couple of years, with the sole intention of meticulously reblogging me and adding hate-filled commentary. I can't link to one right now because despite calling them out and using the awesome Mean Girls Regina George, "why are you so obsessed withe me?" gif, I can't find the posts. Which is actually probably better for my mental state right now.)

Then there was the absolute creep who decided to attack me on all fronts, TumblrTwitter, and in my email. Someone who pretty clearly has dedicated a shit ton of time to harassing feminists. I want to ask them, why? How is that something you want to spend your time on?

And even if you don't go to those incredible lengths, what are you doing in my 3 year old tweets? Do you think you'll change my mind?

Why do you waste your time?

Is your life that sad and empty?

What do you gain from wanting feminists and other people who write about social justice to shut up? Why are you so threatened?

Ah yes, the unanswered questions. And they can't ever offer me an explanation, but I don't think they actually know themselves. They're not going to admit the truth anyway. (ie, I'm lonely. I'm afraid. I'm bored. I'm a bigot.)

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