Monday, July 6, 2015

When You've Got a Case of the Rape Apologism

[Content note: rape, rape apologism]

Whelp, another month has somehow managed to slip by. I can't even say that I've been too busy to write or anything, because I have been taking some days off work here and there to staycation. But relieving myself of the needless imposed feeling that I MUST produce content has been pretty damn great, I must admit, and thusly the content has been sparse and I'm much happier regardless.

Anyway, I'm not here to revel in my decision to write less. I'm here to talk about a disgusting rapist/rape apologist who I got this lovely gem of a comment from in my inbox today.

That's right folks, you saw it here first. "King Steve" thinks that asking people to seek consent is like "contracts." (And I have genuinely no idea what is meant by "methodical/mechanical consent.")

Let me make it immensely clear, if someone say something like this, they are in all likelihood a rapist. I mean this very sincerely--who but a rapist would be opposed to consent...or try to say that issues of consent are as complicated as "contracts?" What motivation does anyone other than a rapist have to think like this? Why would anyone other than a rapist want to say, "Enthusiastic consent is ridiculous."

When you say something like this, you are sending a message out into the world that you cannot be trusted to respect the feelings or bodily autonomy of others. You are saying you are incapable of do something as simple as speaking to your partner. What might seem to someone like "King Steve" to be an offhanded comment about how "you need a law degree to understand this stuff" (or what-the-fuck-ever is meant by this) is more plainly understood by me as, "I don't care about consent."

No really.

Stop for a minute and think about this. And now try to tell me why someone who is a good person, generally cares about others, and is respectful of all boundaries would EVER engage in rape apologism like this. What would possibly be the reason, if not trying to justify their own bad behavior?

I'm waiting.

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